Join our executive team for this upcoming academic year! 

-Lounge Coordinator
-Event Coordinator (x3)
-Marketing Coordinator
-Public Relations Coordinator
-Graphic Designer

Please fill out the application form: 

The deadline to submit your application is April 03,2018.
Feel free to contact us for any enquiries at ubcclubhk@gmail.com.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your applications.

*Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted*

Lounge Coordinator


  • Maintain the lounge for every Friday night
  • Organize a roster for staff shifts
  • Provide a safe and fun environment for our members in the lounge

Event Coordinator (x3)


  • All Event Directors must work closely to brainstorm event ideas and create timelines for the events.
  • Work closely with Marketing Coordinator for any potential sponsorships for event’s refreshment and prizes. 

Each Event Coordinator would be responsible for one of the following:
(1) Coordinate and organize the logistics for non-recurring events (eg. festival events) for each month including set-up, make reservations for restaurants, clean-up, and obtain necessary equipments
(2) Organize and manage a large scale performance show for November
(3) Organize and manage a year-end production for March

Marketing Coordinator


  • Researches and reach out to businesses and organizations for potential    sponsors
  • Comfortable with asking for sponsorships in person via store visiting stores
  • Arranges acquisition of funding, prizes or any donations (e.g. food for club events) with organizations
  • Manage collaborations with other AMS clubs

Public Relations Coordinator


  • Act as liaison between ClubHK and the public
  • Send monthly newsletters & event reminders to members
  • Maintaining the club’s external website (Squarespace), Clubhouse & Facebook
  • Promote our events through our Facebook and email.

Graphic Designer


  • Design promotional materials (posters, banners, membership cards, staff cards,booth and name cards)
  • Work closely with Photographer to choose event pictures for visual promotional materials



  • Takes pictures at all our events
  • Shoots short video clips of all our events
  • Edit photos for our Facebook photo albums
  • Design and edit videos to develop video promotional stills

Special Qualifications:

  • Experience in photography and videography.
  • Experience in editing videos